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I'd Like To Introduce Myself

I'm Brad Daw it's nice to meet you! I've raised my wonderful family here in Utah valley and we love it here. Utah is a special place and I want it to stay that way. As you are aware, there are a lot of concerning issues facing Utahns and I am passionate about saving the values, and traditions our families enjoy safe in these troubling times. 

Image by Saul Flores

What I Bring To The Utah Senate

As your Utah State Senator, I will bring the unique perspective and skill from 14 years of service as your legislator to the Senate. I believe that knowing your constituents by listening to them is vital to being an effective and responsive legislator, and now, Utah State Senator. As many of you know, I have made myself available to hear your concerns and am driven by our conversations.


I bring the freshness of being anything but a career politician. Having started and will ultimately end my career working a regular day-job within the private sector — I have the same kind of life and lifestyle as many of you, my constituents. You can count on me to hear and respect your point of view and to faithfully hold to the conservative values that have made Utah the best run state in the country.

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